June 22, 2021 Republican Primary for State Committee in the 28th Assembly District.

David Abraham, Republican State Committee 28th AD

David Abraham, Name Card

Dear Fellow Queens Resident,

You and I both live and vote in the 28th AD (Assembly District) and are registered Republicans.

Slate Card Candidate 1
Slate Card Candidate 2

I am one of two candidates running for State Committee in the Primary Election to be held on June 22, 2021,to represent you and all the other Republicans in our 28thAD.

State Committee person is also called “District Leader”.

Queens Republican Patriots Resolution

We all share our concerns as to the direction NYC and our country has been going the past few years.The personal safety of each and every one of us and especially the safety of our families and loved ones has become paramount.

The direction of our way of life has also become a priority in our concerns.

Sudden and increased prices of food, gasoline, health and nearly every living expense have suddenly risen.There are no local Republicans in office to represent us and there will not be any unlesswe take action.

I am asking for your vote to represent you and your interests.


I am asking you to vote for me and the other patriotic Americans in our district in the Republican primary of June 22, 2021.Their names and positions are written below.

Stepping Up

My friends, I promise to put your concerns first, to put forth local Republican candidates and to make every effort to stop any effort to defund the police.

No one will be allowed to change our way of life!

Please vote for me, and my Republican colleaguesin the June 22, 2021 Primary Election.We will work hard and make New York safe, prosperous and unified again.


David Abraham

Candidate for State Committee



Curtis A. Sliwa– Mayor of NYC

Danniel MaioQueens Boro President

Kathy Wu ParrinoQueens Civil Court Judge

David AbrahamRepublican State Committee, Male

Yanling Z. WagnerRepublican State Committee, Female

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